Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Show and Tell

Here is the show and tell for October. Sorry the pictures are not the greatest. If you click on them you can get a larger image that is easier to see.
"How Much is the Doggy in the Window" by Ella Simons - This adorable quilt has lots of cute appliqued dogs, accented with cute dog fabric. It is a charmer, for sure!
"Halloween Swap" by Tricia Tolton - Tricia joined an Internet swap for cute Halloween blocks. She says it was so fun to go to the mailbox and find a package with 12 darling blocks from all over the United States. She did the block with the 3 pumpkins on it. The rick-rack edge is striking - great job!
Table Runners" by Pauline Persson - Pauline brought in 3 wonderful table runners - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Halloween! Her daughter thought she would enjoy making them, since they were fun and fast - she was right. She is now going to do one for each month!
"Jane's Jewels" by Kathy Porter - This is Kathy's version of a "Dear Jane" quilt. She made it with Michael Miller's "Fairy Frost" fabrics and it is gorgeous! She did several borders, finishing it with a scalloped binding! Quilted by Kim Peterson.
"Jane Digitized" by Crystal North - Crystal made this amazing "Dear Jane" quilt with her embroidery machine. It is all in red and white and just stunning!

"Christmas Apron & Christmas Mantle Swag" by Lou Ann Wilde - Lou Ann made a darling Christmas Apron, then adapted the idea to make a cool decoration for her fireplace mantle - way to go, Lou Ann! She also brought a beautiful quilt in made by "Nancy"; an "American Jane" quilt called "Crossroads".

"Most Fun Bag Ever & Son's Wedding Quilt" by Vonda Proctor - Vonda made this fun black and brown tote bag with tons of pockets and keeps making more of them with even more requests! She also brought an amazing brown and powder blue quilt that she made for her son's wedding. They were married in February, but she was a little late, since she made the bride's dress! It is made from great $4 a yard fabric that she got at "1000's of Bolts". She used her extra fabric for the back. Wow!

Ladies - do not be intimidated by these talented quilters - you are talented too and we want to see all of your great quilts! Don't be shy!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Georgia is pictured here in blue.
Read below to hear her story and how you can help a fellow quilter.
In May of 2006 Georgia fell down the steps of the house they were living in in Mayfield. It is an older house with narrow steep stairs. She was coming down with sewing stuff in her hands. Her back was broken and left her paralyzed from the chest down. In addition she broke her right hand. It was not treated competently and as a result she suffered permanent nerve damage in that hand. That leaves her unable to do any of the things she has loved to do. She has developed a way to prop a knitting needle someway so that she can knit. Knit—but not purl. Georgia loved quilting and loved teaching her many granddaughters and some grandsons how to sew and make quilts. She never tired of working with them to help them develop their skills and interest. Life is very difficult for her now yet I never hear her complaining. She does what she can do. I talked with her a couple of years ago and she said she wished there was a sewing machine that could be operated by a button and one hand. Of course, operating a traditional machine is impossible for her. Now is this a TahDah moment or not! A Bernina 630 which can be operated with the push of a button and at a speed that would allow someone to move at a slow pace as she learned to do again that which she loves and which she thought she would never be able to do again. I may have some snapshots of Georgia showing a quilt down at Bryce. Will look. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Love you,
Saundra Cindrich

The cost of the machine is going to be about $3500 depending on the deal we can get, so we have a way to go. We did get $304 today (September guild meeting) which gets us on our way. We will be at the monthly meetings until February when we will have the "thank you" drawing of the donated prizes at the annual UVQG "Tie In". Hopefully we will have reached our goal by then. I think we all realize how this could happen to any of us and we would no longer be able to enjoy the hobby that is the only thing that keeps us going some days.

Thanks for your help,
Kathy Gardner

Monday, October 5, 2009

Block of the Month

Here are some photos of the recent "Block of the Month" Blocks for the Lincoln Bicentennial Quilt. Below is the next Bonus Block from Liz Laney.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Meeting and Forum-Carol B. Johnson

For our September meeting Carol B. Johnson of presented a trunk show featuring her beautiful landscape art quilts and other quilts that have influenced her life. She also taught the Forum which was a hands on project Carol created of the Alpine Loop (pictured below). Carol is both an artist and quilt artist from Nibley, Utah. She has successfully combined these two talents and skills, and has mastered the technique of quilting a landscape. She has captured scenes from around the state, as well as her travels abroad and turned them into "fabric pictures." What an amazing presentation!