Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 17, 2013 UVQG Forum and General Meeting

There is so much talent that resides within the members of the UVQG membership.   The forum was proof of that and general meeting furthered supported that fact.

Francine Berrett displayed some of her great work as part of the hospitality.  Take a look at the fun things she has done:

Forum...So the story goes that 7 friends, Sharon Wright, Helen Butler, Nina Cooke, Megan Legas, Barbara Walsh, Francine Berrett, and Rosemary Pack were at a retreat in St George and the conversation rolled around to doing a Round Robin Quilt.  The group determined the rules would be simple and minimal which included each would participant create a 12" 'medalion' block, include 1 yard of your fabric with the block, every 6 weeks the quilt would move to the next quilter, at some junction the medalion would be turned on point, each round made the quilt a minimum of 2" larger,  and as the quilt's orginal owner you had the option of making changes before it was quilted.  The quilting began. 

These great quilters used several different techniques and methods including applique, piecing, keltic designs, embrodiery, dog's teeth, piano keys, postage stamps, braid lattice, and more.  The results were stunning!  Most of the quilters named their beautiful art work.  Sharon's quilt was named  "The Best of Friends", Francine's quilt took on the name of "Friendship Stars", Helen named her quilt "Pinwheels and Turkey Tails", and Barbara's quilt is "Friendships Multiple Joy and Divide Grief"

Take a look at these beautiful masterpieces: 


General Meeting...
Don't forget the upcoming July Fair.  See Sue Proctor if you are able to volunteer or have something for the garage sale.  If you have been spring cleaning and found some items for garage sale, bring it to the next meeting. We will be collecting items. If you have items and you can’t get to one of the meeting before the July Fair, call me and I will come pick them up. Call Gloria Hartley at 801-489-9148 or Sue Proctor 801-472-3764

Classes for the July Fair are:
1- Basics of Celtic applique By: Sharon Wright
2- Machine Applique & Trunk Show By: Karlene Riggs
3- Needle Felting (pin cushions) By: . Nancy Jones Heber City Utah
4- Basics of Quilt Smart By: Carmen Geddes
5- Basics of Machine Embroidery ( Postcards ) By: Marie Haws
6- Basics of Paper Piecing tips and tricks By: Kathi Cater
7- Basics of Fabric Sun Dying 2 classes By: Laurel Christensen
8- 25 Fun Quilting Tips By: Francine Berrett
9- To be announced

Orem City Library is once again doing a non-judged quilt show and is looking for 20 - 30 quilts.  If you would like to show a quilt it must have a sleeve and not come from a kit.  For entry information see www.oremlibrary.org and follow the link at the bottom of the home page under "Library Programs" or email laste-vens@orem.org.

We have a new Bee which is a hand dying fabric group headed up by Kathleen Baer.   The name of the group is pending but I am dying to find out!

Wanted: Quilters to help with a large state-wide charity project.
All of the police/sheriff’s agencies in the state of Utah were contacted to see if they would be interested in a donation of children’s quilts to carry in the back of their vehicles. These quilts would be used to wrap a child in if an officer had to pick up a child from a home or an accident. We had such an overwhelming response from these officers stating "yes" please send us some quilts.
Utah Valley Quilt Guild annual retreat will be held November 6-9, 2013, in Park City.  Get your registration and deposit in by June 1, 2013 and get ready to sew!!!!

    We extend a warm welcome to our newest member Linda Williams:

Three groups presented their "Trunk Show" of Round Robin quilts:

Barbara Ostler's group: Barbara Ostler, Elaine Smith, PJ Medeiros, Becky Lambert, Ann Alexander, and Jean Thornock

Knots group: Judy Oler, Kindra Hall, Jacque Thompson, Kathy Zobel, Jill Cox, Crystal North, Marilyn Steele, Yvonne Line, Shirly Olsen, and Joanne Denos.

Arts group: Liza Anne Hall, Kathleen Baer, Sue Swinyard, and Cathy Payne

Show and Tell: