Friday, June 29, 2012

June Show and Tell

We had a great showing of talent, as usual:

Bonnie Wilkins brought an 1882 Blue and White Irish Chain quilt, made by her husband's great grandmother:

 She also brought two collage quilts, inspired by Kathy Porter's Forum last month: "Purple Fish"
 Cock of the Walk

Barb Murdock showed "Pink and Green" with flannel on the front and minky on the back - for her granddaughter that kept hinting that Barb could make her a quilt for her birthday with minky on it. 

Barb also created a bright, prink, white and yellow quilt from a kit she purchased in Delta. She worked on it at the November retreat and will be giving it to her granddaughter in Alaska:

Darcia Pinette displayed a whole cloth quilt that she 'practiced on' for a daughter who needed bedding. The front is actually red, but you can't see the quilting in the picture, so here is the gray side:

Merlene Crapo brought an elaborate wooden bowl created by a wood-turner from Canada.  There are 8 different quilting designs around the outside.  She discovered that many wood-turner's wives are quilters like herself!

Nancy Palmer created "Doodle Bugs", a child's quilt with appliqued caterpillars, bugs and frogs.  She also created "Fly Away" for her 5 year old grandson which features airplanes and has a navy blue minky backing.  "Sugar and Spice" is an appliqued paper doll quilt made for her granddaughter showcasing  fabric from her baby quilt and the parents' wedding quilt among others.  This adorable quilt was made from Nancy's stash except for the borders!

Kathy Porter created these doodle quilts:, "Nativity Doodles" & "Love Multiplies" - she has started her own pattern company where you can purchase these patterns ""  She also designed and made this cute watermelon bag:

Nina Cook has us 'dreaming of Quilt Fest' after completing two quilts by Flavin Glover.  "Ticky Tacky" is a log cabin row house quilt, and "Tuscan Village" is a subdued-colored quilt of the Italian countryside, also made of log cabins, of course!

We also got to see this great quilt (with a blue label - to keep things "fair")

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Main Speaker

June was all about Quilts of Valor!  We had Patty Dunn come and speak to us about her experience with a family member in the military.

We also had Carol Ford of the Maple Mountain Quilters talk about the quilts that her group has made and donated.

Our Guild received a special certificate for the Quilts of Valor we have donated:

All in all, a very inspiring meeting - let's get those quilts made!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Hospitality

We were pleased to have "The Donglettes" do our hospitality area for June - They are:  Crystal North,
Liza Anne Hall, Marie Haws, Nancy Edwards and Charlotte Peterson: (One is camera shy)

They do a lot of beautiful machine embroidery work:

Thanks, Ladies!

Friday, June 22, 2012

June Forum

We were lucky enough to have wonderful Kathy Porter teach us beading this month. 

A lot of us worked on our collage mini quilts that we made last month.

Kathy brought great visual aids and demonstrated darling (but simple) techniques so we could all be successful!

Thanks, Kathy!