Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 UVQG Board

Ella Simmons, President

Liz Laney, Vice President and Hospitality

Helen Butler, Past President

Blyth Larrabee, Secretary

Caisa Hess, Treasurer

Jessica Ribble, Membership

Laurel Christensen, Programs
Cassie Stephens, Programs (not pictured)
Nancy Mottishaw, Programs (not pictured)

Bonnie Miles, Workshops
Wendy Liddle, Workshops (not pictured)

Heather Ash, Librarian
Libby Aagard, Librarian (not pictured)

Susan Jensen, 2009 Challenge (not pictured)

Kim Dodds, Newsletter Editor and Mailing

Konda Lukau, Website/Blog

Margaret Cooper, Hospitality
Dee DeHart, Hospitality

Roberta Boyce, Beekeeper

Kimberly Lohner, Historian (not pictured)

Annette Crain, Service Project

Cheryl Pfeifer, Service Project

Karlene Riggs, Service Project and Auction Quilt

Chris Pocock, July Quilt Fair (not pictured)
Donna Crawley, July Quilt Fair (not pictured)

Tinka Eliason, July Quilt Fair

Crystal North, UQG Rep

Kim Borup, Retreat Chair

Mary Jo Roberts, Retreat Chair

Megan Legas, Springville Show

Sharon Wright, Springville Show

Francine Berrett, Springville Show

November Meeting

November meeting was a trunk show of sorts.
Each member of the current board brought a quilt to show.
Our President, Ella Simmons, presenting a quilt from the UVQG to the Eldred Center.
Ella thanking the Custodians that set up for us every month.

Brenda Sommers

Bonnie Miles

Megan Legas

Roberta Boyce

Laurel Christensen (those are yo-yo's)

Crystal North

Kim Borup and Mary Jo Roberts (This is Francine's quilts, I think)

Kim Borup (Francine's quilt again, I think)

Francine Berrett

Helen Butler

Heather Ash

Cheryl Pfeifer

Karlene Riggs

Annette Crain

Jessica Ribble

Kim Dodds

Sharon Wright

Blyth Larrabee

Margaret Cooper

Dee DeHart

Kimberly Lohner

Ella Simmons

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

November Forum

November forum was filled with tips and tricks from the UVQG board. Thanks for sharing!
Laurel showed a pattern for a fun, easy gift (pictured below).

Annette showed us a great way to store quilts using water noodles.
Caisa demonstrated an easy way to join binding.
Crystal let us in on the secret for her beautiful flowers-no curved seams. Rumor has it she will be teaching a class on this technique in the coming months. Beautiful!

Megan taught us a handy trick she invented when she was frustrated hand quilting around the edges of her quilts. She used rubber bands and office clips. Ingenious!

Blyth presented a trick to help keep bulk out of the center of blocks where multiple seams come together.
Ella showed us a method she developed for beautiful 3-D flowers.
Margaret shared some of her favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes that she put on her Block of the Month quilt this year designed by Liz Laney.
Liz gave us the bright idea of attaching little scissors to your sewing machine with velcro (the case, that is) so they are always right close by. So clever!
Helen talked about color and choosing fabrics for quilts. She will go more in depth with this in a forum next year. Very inspiring!

Brenda had two tips: looking through a peephole at your quilts to check for balance in color and scale and numbering pins to use when you are sewing quilt rows together to keep them in order.
Bonnie, the Queen of handy dandy tips showed us how to use an over the door hanger to keep the quilting room organized and then showed a couple of easy, striking quilts made with leaders and enders. Three cheers to Bonnie and Wendy for putting together so many valuable forums this year. Everyone always leaves inspired.