Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2013, Board meeting, Forum and General meeting

And they are off....First the Board meeting:  Let's see how much discussion they can squeeze into one hour on a variety of topics including next month's service meeting, tables, and July Fair. Here is Nina Cooke conducting the meeting while Lil Anderson takes notes and roll. 

 Caisa and Heather talking about the budget

Forum: Helen Butler taught a class in November on applique techniques and continued her class with reverse applique for the January Forum.  Helen provided precise stitching techniques to make that invisible, perfect, beautiful 90 degree stitch on your quilts.  She also provided some individual help.  What a great forum!!  Thank you, Helen!!! 

Kathy Porter, President Elect, helps Helen with projector so that all everyone can see the small hand movements Helen is making.

We had a good turnout for the forum and hope that all continue to come.

We have new members to our guild they are:
 Kati Carter ---- Vineyard
Shannon Ashment ---- Pleasant Grove
Joyce Fife ---- Pleasant Grove
Lyn Rawlings --- Elkridge
Robbyn Hendrickson --- Gunnison
Lucinda Delquatro ---- Kearns
TraceCe Woods --- Mapleton
Donna Webster --- Pleasant Grove
Here are a few of their pictures.


To start the general meeting the "Mae Sisters" aka, Margaret Cooper, Dee DeHart, and Liz Laney, entertained us with their New Year's resolutions and provided a beautiful  table and wall display of their quilts.


 Laurel Christensen, 2012 past president, presented a beautiful trunk show with the support of her mother, Shiela Avard former member of the guild, sister, Robbyn, now a new member and 2 of her daughters Brittany and Cassie.

Laurel began quilting when she was young and her love of quilts spans many styles, techniques and mediums. Laurel loves to dye her own fabrics which has become one of her favorite things to do. At one time Laurel had an eBay addiction purchasing some unique quilts for her collection including one that was made completely of yo-yos.  Laurel and Sheila owned a quilt shop in Gunnison where Sheila designed a very unique bird guild and pieced it together from wool. The colors in the quilt are still very bright and beautiful.

Laurel's collection included many of her mother's quilts that she acquired throughout her life from various places across the country including Florida and Kansas.  She showed quilts that were hand crossed stitched, made of wool cheer uniforms from high school, picnic quilts, and true legacy, heirloom quilts. 


A side from all the quilts, Laurel has documented all the quilts via a software program and had it neatly in a book.

Thank you Laurel for taking the time to gather all your quilts, show them, and share your memories.

01/03/2013 Board Member Annual Luncheon

It is amazing to me when a group of women get together how much they accomplish in a short time.  This is what happened January 3, 2013, during the Utah Valley Quilt Guild Board members annual luncheon at the home of Megan Legas, Orem, Utah.  WOW!!!!!...they were talking about general meetings, forums, fall retreat, July Fair, service meeting, national teacher, equipment, membership, lanyards, what works and does not, how they can make your experience better, calendaring, and I could go on.  Amazingly enough, this was not a formal board meeting but just a get to know you and and what you are responsibile for chat while they had a potluck lunch.  Just can't wait for the real meetings to begin!

Here are some pictures of your 2013 Board members during the luncheon:

 Francine laughing with Nina

 Mary Kilpack enjoys the company of other board members


 Liza Anne and her georgeous smile

Marie Haws  just glad to be there
 Helen and Caisa enjoying lunch and everyone's company

Francine excited about the new lanyards
Megan Legas and Rebecca Hansen