Friday, September 29, 2017

August Guild Meeting—My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

New Members

Welcome to our new members! Four of our new members were at our August meeting.

Show and Tell

Shirley Olsen and her quilt Misty
Shirley Olsen’s quilt Misty was from a kit by Toni Whitney that Shirley bought because the cat looks just like the cat her family had for 16 years. She traded out several of the cat fabrics to get his correct gray coloring.

Shirley Olsen and her quilt Mehndi Ruby Jubilee
Shirley’s second quilt, Mehndi Ruby Jubilee was inspired by a coloring book of Mehndi ink designs. She enlarged the 5 ½ design and created a pattern for this red and white quilt. It won 2nd place Viewers’ Choice in the Springville Individual Ruby Jubilee show, and Shirley quilted it herself.

Diane Carn and her Dissappearing 9 Patch quilt
Diane Carn’s pretty yellow Disappearing 9 Patch quilt was inspired by her desire to use old, leftover fabrics. She quilted it on her Bernina 730 home machine.

Marilyn Steele and her quilt Royal Ruby
Marilyn Steele showed Royal Ruby, her red and white quilt that was made from a design in a book from Davidene’s booth at July Fair one year. Marilyn’s mother-in-law was named Ruby. Marilyn slept in one of her beds and her quilts were HEAVY! She was a royal lady, hence the quilt's name, Kim Peterson quilted this beautiful quilt.

Margaret Gray and her quilt Crystal Charm
Margaret Gray showed five quilts, all quilted by her. The first quilt was Crystal CharmFor Mother’s Day last year, her daughter had given her five charm packs, and the easy pattern was in the AQS January 2017 magazine. The pattern starts out as a nine patch!

Margaret Gray and her quilt
This square and rectangle quilt and the other quilts Margaret showed after it was made from Americana fabric that Barbara Walsh had given her last May. She's finished one other quilt that is now in Arizona, but she brought the others to show.

Margaret Gray's snowball quilts

A table runner made by Margaret Gray

Dolores Despain and her quilt Tossed Green Salad
Dolores Despain wins the prize for the best named quilt. Her split nine patch pattern made with assorted greens and other colors is titled Tossed Green Salad, or as her husband calls it “What Were You Thinking?” It has little squares of veggie fabric and salad tongs. The back is fabric printed with a broccoli pattern. It was quilted by her daughter, Kirsten Despain.

Dolores Despain's quilt Lisa's Baskets
Dolores also showed her quilt Lisa’s Baskets made with fall colors. She used vine panels of applique, but changed the design to make it her own. It was made for her daughter Lisa and quilted by Kim Peterson.

Dolores Despain's quilt Squirrels in the Pumpkin Patch
Dolores’ next quilt was called Squirrels in the Pumpkin Patch. It has appliqués of squirrels, pumpkins, and acorns. The trees, pumpkin patch, sunflower and acorn blocks are her original designs. It was made for her grandson Kalin Despain, and quilted by her daughter Kirsten Despain. The quilt has a lot of intricate quilting.

Dolores Despain's quilt Bluebird Garden
Our ambitious quilter, Dolores, showed her last quilt this month called Bluebird GardenIt is made with soft blues and greens and six blocks are her own designs. (The bird house, flower wall, etc.) She is keeping this quilt! It was quilted by Kim Peterson.

Liz Teerlink and her quilt Shimmering Triangles
Liz showed her quilt Shimmering Triangles. Liz took a class at Road to California from Jenny Bowker, a quilter from Australia. The class was called “A Walk in My Garden,” and Liz said it was a great class in value and contrast. This quilt will be taught as a class at the Utah Quilt Fest this year.

Liz Teerlink's Cat Bag
Liz also made a cute Cat Bag that has 2 cats with a heart. It was made with half square triangles and squares placed on a gridded interfacing. This will be a youth class taught at the Utah Quilt Fest this year. She made it with her granddaughter.

Kami Williams and her quilt Antique Stars
Kami Williams showed a mystery quilt by Moda that she'd made, done with 2-1/2 inch blocks. It's called Antique Stars, but she calls it the “Ora Clegg Quilt” because she pulled the fabrics for the quilt from fabric given to her mom from Ora’s stash. It’s vintage 70’s fabric in navy blue and three colors of orange. It’s one of her first quilts quilted on her mom’s long arm machine.

Kami Williams and her Trip Around the World quilt
Kami Williams also showed a Trip Around the World quilt she had made.

Debbie Proctor and her quilt Baby Planes
Debbie Proctor’s adorable quilt Baby Planes was made for her first grandson. His dad works for Boeing so they wanted a quilt with planes. Debbie cut the planes with a ScanNCut and quilted it with an Anne Bright edge to edge pattern called Sky Pilots. The back of the quilt is minky airplane fabric from

Deonn Stott and her daughter's quilt Cut Diamonds
Deonn Stott showed a quilt made by her daughter, Cut Diamonds, which was from a pattern in a magazine. It was made with purple, turquoise, pink, white and gold fabrics. Deonn was excited when her daughter came to her and wanted to make a quilt, and even more excited when it won a blue ribbon at the county fair!

Deonn Stott and her quilt Throw Me a Curve
Deonn’s quilt Throw Me a Curve was made with bright purples and greens with fuchsia minky. It folds into thirds and rolls up with a carrying handle to make it easy to take to the rodeo and other fun events.

Deonn's Sew Together Bag
Deonn also showed her Sew Together Bag that has three pockets with a tiny banner
bunting on the sides. The bag was quick to make, but she calls it her “6 hour binding” bag. Apparently the binding wasn’t quick!

Deonn Stott and her quilt Book Nerd
Deonn’s final quilt was called Book Nerd. It is a yellow quilt with assorted book covers. Her daughter helped with the piecing and the quilting. You can see the individual pages on each book and each book is quilted with individual motifs, like fairies, etc. It hung in the library during an exhibit by her quilt group, and the local mailman saw it and asked her daughter to teach him how to quilt on the long arm. The quilt won a blue ribbon at the county fair, but more exciting is that the mailman and her daughter have been hanging out on a regular basis now.

Louise Harmon modeling the clothing she made
Louise Harmon modeled a lovely blouse she made. Before 1970 she designed and made the top. She loved the color and design of the fabric but did not have enough for a top. So she scalloped the edge of this fabric and overlapped it on a white fabric. She also made the slacks at the same time. How impressive that this top and slacks made before 1970 still fit Louise so beautifully!

August Program—My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

Our August program, presented by Jennifer and Teresa of My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe in Midway, was simply amazing and inspiring. The experiences they shared about following their hearts and listening to inner thoughts and inspiration (and having courage to try new things) and how that led to this beautiful quilt shop, was very touching. I think we could all relate to their stories of how quilting has blessed their lives and the lives of other quilters they know. Many thanks to these talented ladies!