Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February 2013 Service Day at Utah Valley Health Department

February 20, 2013--Service Day at Utah Valley Health Department:  The day started early for this event, well before 9:00am when guild members started to arrive.  Not to mention the short planning and preparation time frame Rebecca Hansen and her committee had to bring this event together. 


The Welcome Table was fun and reminded us of the love a service project shows to those receiving the service. 

Although I was only able to stay a short time, it was evident that your friends and guild members were going to accomplish a good things.

Francine Berrett involved her church group early and brought in many donations to support the guild's efforts. 
Here are some of other folks who helped out on this effort. 

 So nice to see young family members getting involved. 

The end result is always worth it and goes to a great cause, Baby Your Baby. The guild members were able to finish and contribute (along with all of those that people had worked on before the event) : 60 Premie dolls, 85 receiving blankets, 65 burpcloths, 14 little crocheted balls, 4 tied quilts, and 17 feely squares with ribbons. 

Next month's meeting, March 20, 2013, is our National Teacher month and David Taylor will be presenting for 2 days.  What a treat!  I hope to see you there and your smiles.