Thursday, April 17, 2014

UVGQ April 16, 2014 Meeting

UVQG April 16, 2016 Meeting

Forum: Lee Stout "Maintaining Your Sewing Machine"
If a part moves on your machine "shoot it"! In other words, oil it with sewing machine oil, run the machine, then wipe off excess with a cloth.  Clean and oil your machine after two bobbins are emptied from sewing! Be sure to oil the hook.  Be sure to change your needles often.  If your machine does't seem to be sewing correctly, re-thread, change the needle, make sure the bobbin is in the case correctly.  Older machine with metal parts are great machines. They are built to last.

Lee Stout

Jill Cox helps as Lee Stout's demonstration is videographed.

Maple Mountain Quilters Program
Debbie Nielsen, President

Quilts on the Wall

Kathy Gardner

Jackie Hadley

Jackie Hadley

Barbara Walsh

Barbara Walsh

Gloria Hartley

Becky Lambert

Gloria Hartley

Debbie Nielsen

Debbie Nielsen

Debbie Nielsen

Debbie Nielsen

Nina Cooke

Marian Murdock

Kathy Gardner

Kathy Gardner

Debbie Nielsen

Carole Lifferth

Carol Ford

Lisa Dunn

Nina Cooke

On the Stage: Maple Mountain Quilters


Against All Odds by Michelle Hansen

Hidden Stars

No Points To It

Gloria Hartley

Flower Garden Dresden Blocks by Gloria Hartley

Grandmother's Apron 

Mystery Quilt

Sew Batik Challenge


Circle of a Beautiful Life by Carole Lifferth

Carole Lifferth

Spring Flowers

Alaska by Carol Ford

Farmer's Wife by Carol Ford

It's Really Yellow by Marian Murdock

Peaced Together by Karin Crawford

Tropical Flowers and Sashiko

Eagle Dancer


Poakalani Heliconia

Home Sweet Home

Spirals by Karin Crawford

Tulips for My Grammy by Trudy Gibby

Big Hearts

Quilts by Jackie Hadley

Becky Lambert's Quilts

Stretched Star

Utah Centennial Quilt

Give Thanks

My Mother's Flowers

Princess Elsa's Blanky by Diane

Picasso's Squares by Diane

Stringed Beads by Barbara Walsh

Farm Girl Finery by Barbara Walsh

Garden Club by Barbara Walsh

Elly's Baltimore Album by Barbara Walsh

The Bull's Eye by Kathy Gardner

President's Quilt

Plateful of Summer by Lisa Dunn

Grandma's Apron

Jeans Nine Patch by Mary Beth Tollman

Minnick and Simpson's Patriotic by Caisa Hess

Janna Griffin

Rainbow Stars

Raymond's Quilt

Quilts by Debbie Nielsen

Show and Tell

Kathi Carter

Isabelle, a Karen Kay Buckley pattern

Glacier Star, a class she will be teaching at Elaine's

The Runcible Spoon by Liz Laney

McKenna's Quilt by Yvonne Glen

Wool Bed Rug by Jacque' Thompson

Wren's Graduation Quilt by Jacque' Thompson

Tulips in Wagon by Karlene Riggs

Chevrons by Mary Killpack

Aunt Reenie Loves "U" by Maureen Tuttle

Whole Cloth Quilt by Helen Buttler

New Members!  Welcome to UVQG!

Judy Prince

Bullard and Baby