Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Main Speaker - Francine Berrett

We had a fun speaker - our Past President, Francine Berrett. She is always fun and keeps herself busy making lots of amazing quilts!
Francine has won ribbons:
For both her own designs and purchased patterns - although when she does follow a pattern, she usually modifies it a little or a lot!
She is amazing!
Whooee - she makes us all need a nap - she is so talented and energetic!
She says her applique is better than her piecing, so she does a lot of applique. This great flower quilt is NOT curve-pieced, but appliqued:
She has not only made lots of quilts, she has multiple children (6) and multiple degrees (2 or 3 - I can't remember), she has lived lots of places, including Hawaii!
I think this one should be named "Now, where is all of my spare time going?"
More beauties:
Thank you so much, Francine for sharing your talent with us!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hospitality in January

Kathy Porter did the amazing "Hospitality Table" this month, and, although there was not a table in sight - it was visually stunning!
Many of Kathy's quilts are her own original design. She is quite a doodler (especially in church)!
Kathy is an amazing quilter and is so kind to share her talents with the rest of us!
This is my (current) personal favorite "Blue Fish". The beading is amazing! AND the best news is that Kathy will be teaching this technique (quilt collage) at an upcoming forum - so watch your Patchwords for the date!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Forum for January

Helen Butler and Kathy Porter are doing the forums again this year and we are super excited! They did a fantastic job last year and can't wait to see what's coming this year! The theme this year will be "Quilting from A to Z".
January was wonderful, with Ella Simons showing us great hints and tips!
Ella is an amazing, experienced quilter and we all learned lots of things!
There was a good-sized crowd, as usual:
Don't forget - if you are a member of the Utah Valley Quilt Guild (only $15 for a whole year!) - attendance at the forum is FREE! So be sure to keep your membership updated - you can check with Jessica Ribble at the membership table at the meeting if you're not sure if you're current.
Well, I gotta run - it's payday and I have some fabric shopping to do...

Here we go...

I, Brenda Sommers, am the new Utah Valley Quilt Guild Historian - so onward and upward:
In early January, we had a fun board social/luncheon, and honestly, a reason to join the board would be to eat this absolutely yummy food!
Here are a few board members, mingling before the munching: