Thursday, December 10, 2015

November Meeting part one It's all about the Red !

This years Challenge was to make a red and white quilt for our November meeting. It was a real success with over 50 quilters joining in. Viewers choice was voted on at the meeting. Nancy Roberts' stunning quilt was the winner and she will be our entry in the Ruby Jubilee show for the Utah Quilt Guild next year. Congratulations to her as well as Helen Butler 2rd place, Sharon Wright 3rd place and a tie between Kathy Porter and Linda Williams for 4th place.

Nancy Roberts

Helen Butler

Sharon Wright

Kathy Porter

Linda Williams ( Linda was unavailable for the picture)

The following pictures are of the rest of the quilts made by our guild members. Names will be added to this blog post as they become available. My apologies if any quilts were missed. I gave it my best effort to get a picture of every quilt but it got so crazy just before the meeting began and it was hard to make sure I wasn't missing any as many last minute arrivals were being hung up.

1.Margaret Gray

2. Margaret Gray

3. Shirley Olsen

4. Marilyn Steele

5. Maureen Tuttle

6.Maureen Tuttle

7. Karren Barley


9. Merlene Crapo

10. Leslie Oldham

11. top center
12. Helen Butler bottom center

13. Carol Hunt

14. Liz Teerlink


16. Diane Hill left
17.  Joanne Sites  right top
18.right bottom

19. Jeanette Schwab

21. Francine Berrett

22. Nancy Schultze


24. Linda Roskelley

25 center top
26. Kendra Hall bottom

27. Marie Haws


29. Rebecca Hansen

30. Megan Legas

32. Gloria Pendlebury

33.Machelle Preston

34. Liz Laney

35. Chis Pocock

36. Janice Walker

37. Carol Ford

38. Lisa Dunn

39. Patti Kiser

40. Mary Killpack

41. Judie Oler

42. Jacque Thompson


44. Cathy Payne



48.Carole Ellis
49. Trudy Gibby

50. Ina Tedrow
51. Cleo Cox



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