Tuesday, April 15, 2014

UVQG February Meeting on Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UVQG February Meeting - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Program and Wall Display by Knotts

The morning program consisted of a round robin of 3 classes taught by members of Knotts.  

Shirley Olsen taught us how to measure and sew on our various sewing machines an accurate quarter inch seam.

Darcia Pinette taught us how to correctly bind our quilts.

Liz Teerlink is one of our Librarians, and she taught us how to use the library.  Having such a comprehensive library is a big plus for the guild members.

Quilts of the Wall
All made by members of Knotts

Knotts members show their beginning quilts and then their latest quilts so 
that we can see the learning curve and realize how everyone improves with each quilt made.

Some members of Knotts stand beside their quilts on display

Jacquelyn Thompson stands beside her beautifully appliqued quilt: Jacquelyn's Album

Liz Teerlink by her quilt: A Heart Block Exchange by members of Knotts

Shirley Olsen is by her quilt: The Second Millennium A.D.

Crystal North is by her quilt: Winter's Grace
This quilt has beautiful machine embroidery.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Utah Valley Quilt Guild January 15, 2014 Meeting

President Kathy Porter calls the Board Meeting to order at 9:30 on January 15, 2014.  Debra Davenport, Secretary, is taking the minutes.

Forum Speaker Megan Legas poses by her life sized portrait, a gift from her daughter, so that her presence is felt by her husband even when Megan is away from the home.  Note the real framed quilt waiting to be hand quilted.

Megan is presenting the topic: "What To Do With Old Quilts" or "How To Turn Old Dogs Into Swans."

Megan shows what can be done to restore a quilt.  This one is finished with beautiful hand quilting.

Another example of restoring a quilt.  We were told that to do a good job, one needed to restore the quilt to what it would have been if it hadn't been damaged.  A person viewing a restored quilt should not know it has been restored.

Another beautiful example.  This quilt has been hand quilted.

this is one of my favorites! Note the beautiful border detail.

This quilt top is waiting to be restored.

Megan then asked for member participation.  This Texas Lone Star can be repaired by appliqueing over torn spots.

Another worn quilt that can be repaired by appliqueing over torn spots.

This Civil War quilt top was found by Patti Kiser is an antique store.  Megan points out the merits of this quilt and even wishes that she owned it because  it is such a treasure.

Blyth Larrabee is showing her Tylip Quilt from the 30's.  

New members

Crystal North talks about membership and the UVQG newsletter.  It will save the guild a lot of money if we receive the newsletter by email.

President Kathy Porter introduces Helen Butler who presents the Challenge this year:  "I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See?"
Quilts entered into this challenge will be sent to a national quilt show to compete.  All are encouraged to participate.  

Barbara Murdock's challenge as President Elect is to select a UFO by the April Meeting, complete the project for show and tell at the October, 2014 Meeting and win a prize!

Cindy Haag's Trunk Show

Past President Nina Cooke's Trunk Show

Show and Tell:
1.  Allison Babcock - "Honey, Honey"
2.  Marlene Cook - Amy Bradley's "Merry Christmas"
3.  Karin Crawford - "Owlivia"