Wednesday, January 23, 2013

01/03/2013 Board Member Annual Luncheon

It is amazing to me when a group of women get together how much they accomplish in a short time.  This is what happened January 3, 2013, during the Utah Valley Quilt Guild Board members annual luncheon at the home of Megan Legas, Orem, Utah.  WOW!!!!!...they were talking about general meetings, forums, fall retreat, July Fair, service meeting, national teacher, equipment, membership, lanyards, what works and does not, how they can make your experience better, calendaring, and I could go on.  Amazingly enough, this was not a formal board meeting but just a get to know you and and what you are responsibile for chat while they had a potluck lunch.  Just can't wait for the real meetings to begin!

Here are some pictures of your 2013 Board members during the luncheon:

 Francine laughing with Nina

 Mary Kilpack enjoys the company of other board members


 Liza Anne and her georgeous smile

Marie Haws  just glad to be there
 Helen and Caisa enjoying lunch and everyone's company

Francine excited about the new lanyards
Megan Legas and Rebecca Hansen