Monday, April 23, 2012

April Speaker: Sharon A. Wright

Sharon continued with the Main Stage presentation as our National Teacher.  She brought many, many beautiful quilts, most, of her original designs, with a few patterns that she made her own with her own changes.

Some of her smaller quilts are made with the leftovers from "wedding quilts" she's made, she realized that if she gave all of her quilts away, she wouldn't have any left for herself.

 She has done a wonderful job of writing meaningful phrases, scriptures and poetry into many of her quilts.

 The one on the left is her favorite, you can see Christ in the center picture and it is surrounded with Celtic applique.

She has made some darling baby quilts for her 3 granddaughters:

 (With cute backs, of course)
 These are story quilts that go with children's books:

This modified piano key block is called "Allegra" and it is one of Sharon's favorites for a quick quilt or one for a beginner, she always changes it a little.

 These quilts were made for a daughter's school projects (Huck Finn and a WWII)

 This quilt is one of Sharon's busiest and brightest quilts:

This is Sharon's quilt from when she was the UVQG President:
 These are some of the Young Men/Young Women's Themes from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints:

 Her St. George quilt:
 She loves doing Christ centered Christmas quilts and projects:

Sharon is an amazing quilter and we are so grateful she took her time to show us her quilts.

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