Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Main Speaker - Francine Berrett

We had a fun speaker - our Past President, Francine Berrett. She is always fun and keeps herself busy making lots of amazing quilts!
Francine has won ribbons:
For both her own designs and purchased patterns - although when she does follow a pattern, she usually modifies it a little or a lot!
She is amazing!
Whooee - she makes us all need a nap - she is so talented and energetic!
She says her applique is better than her piecing, so she does a lot of applique. This great flower quilt is NOT curve-pieced, but appliqued:
She has not only made lots of quilts, she has multiple children (6) and multiple degrees (2 or 3 - I can't remember), she has lived lots of places, including Hawaii!
I think this one should be named "Now, where is all of my spare time going?"
More beauties:
Thank you so much, Francine for sharing your talent with us!

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