Friday, January 20, 2012

Forum for January

Helen Butler and Kathy Porter are doing the forums again this year and we are super excited! They did a fantastic job last year and can't wait to see what's coming this year! The theme this year will be "Quilting from A to Z".
January was wonderful, with Ella Simons showing us great hints and tips!
Ella is an amazing, experienced quilter and we all learned lots of things!
There was a good-sized crowd, as usual:
Don't forget - if you are a member of the Utah Valley Quilt Guild (only $15 for a whole year!) - attendance at the forum is FREE! So be sure to keep your membership updated - you can check with Jessica Ribble at the membership table at the meeting if you're not sure if you're current.
Well, I gotta run - it's payday and I have some fabric shopping to do...

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  1. Great job, Brenda! I enjoyed all the superb tips and tricks shared by Ella. She is an amazing quilter.