Monday, October 17, 2011

Patriotic Quilts

These patriotic quilts were shared by guild members at our June meeting.  Thank you!


  1. I bought the material to make the first quilt pictured the star spangled banner wall hang, but lost the magazine with the instructions. Do you think the person who made this would be willing to email me a copy of the instructions. Thanks so much.
    Amber Marcum


    1. Amber, we had a question from another quilter recently about this same flag quilt, which made me notice your comment. I just took over the blog this year, and I'm sorry no one ever got back to you. I realize it's been quite a few years, but I thought you may still want the information.

      After doing a bit more searching on Google and Pinterest, I came across the exact quilt! The quilt is called "Star Spangled" and it was designed by Brick Cottage Quilts, based out of Texas. The quilt was seen in the 2011 June/July issue of Quilt magazine (which I believe is out of business now), but the pattern is available on the Brick Cottage Quilts website There is also a twin-sized quilt (with options for queen or king sizes) in the same pattern called "15 Stars" that is also available there.

      I also noticed a page the Brick Cottage Quilts website with some corrections to the pattern, so take note of that.

      Hope this helps!