Friday, October 14, 2011

June Show and Tell

JEAN THORNOCK: Two baby quilts
Penguin Pals: Two darling penguins swimming in a sea of blue.  Sweet dreams for a child.

Swinging Monkey: Very cute little appliqued swinging monkeys make this charming little quilt for a lucky little guy.

Janice put this together as her own family tree quilt for a family reunion; a very neat idea. It is a stash quilt in greens.  Each tree is different as each family is different.  They all come together to make a beautiful whole.

MERLENE CRAPO: Drunkard's Wave 
This quilt was done in the Judy Neimeyer class last month; very impressive to finish so soon.  Beautiful, done in browns and gold.

 MERLENE CRAPO: Heart and Home
This lovely quilt was a class Merlene took in Idaho.  Applique made up in a beautiful arrangement of houses. True to it's name.

Laurel has also impressed everyone by completing her quilt started in the Judy Neimeyer class last month.  Beautiful bright colors are really an island surprise.

BONNIE WILKINS: Anniversary Quilt
Bonnie is a visitor to our guild this month. She got this quilt from her grandparents.  It had been stored in a garage and had an oil stain on it.  Many suggestions were made as to what could be done about the stain.  It was a very special family affair quilt, each block was made by one of the sisters.

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