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April Guild Meeting—National Teacher Janet Nesbitt

New Members

Welcome to our new members, Colleen Welch, Holly Beck, Kim Proctor, and Judy Dudley! Two of our new members were at our April meeting.

April Program—National Teacher Janet Nesbitt

Thank you to Wanda Sump for organizing and arranging the fabulous National Teacher class and trunk show in April. Janet Nesbitt, of One Sister Designs (formerly Buggy Barn), was a great teacher, and I think we all came away excited about that amazing and forgiving method of piecing. The trunk show was great fun, and we will be adding Janet’s newer books to our guild library as soon as possible.

Janet Nesbitt, photo from One Sister Designs

Janet Nesbitt is a quilt and fabric designer and owner of ONE S1STER LLC, a web based quilt company. For 18 years, she owned and operated Buggy Barn Quilts in Reardan, WA, as well as designing Buggy Barn's popular line of quilt patterns and Henry Glass & Co. fabric collections. Now, she’s well underway in a new adventure as ONE S1STER, continuing to design both quilt patterns and fabric for Henry Glass & Co. Janet has always been an avid scrap quilter with a passion for mixing prints and plaids that incorporate a unique sense of color. She is enjoying this new phase in her career and being able to focus more of her time on creating fun and whimsical designs through her popular ”crazy” piecing technique (stacking fabric, cutting the lines, shuffling and stitching it all together). This trademark piecing method is easy and forgiving, ensuring quilting success for stitchers of all levels. She looks forward to meeting your creative needs with an exclusive line of quilt patterns that inspire creativity and puts a smile on your face!

Janet Nesbitt and Wanda Sump

Janet Nesbitt

Buggy Barn Crazies quilt
The quilt Buggy Barn Crazies was offered as a class to get people to come to the then newly opened Buggy Barn quilt store that Janet and her sister had opened in her barn in Rearden, Washington in 1996. A friend had seen a technique Eleanor Burns had used to add a pocket on a vest that required taking squares of fabric and stacking them, then cutting through all the layers of fabric and mixing up the different fabrics so that different fabrics were in different places and sew together. Janet thought, "Why wouldn't that technique work for a quilt block?" And that's how this quilt came about. As demand for the quilt design grew, Janet wrote up a pattern and sold it at some other quilt stores as well. 

A closeup of the Buggy Barn Crazies quilt

Star Crazies quilts, old pattern and new pattern
After the success of their Buggy Barn Crazies quilt, Janet said that her sister wanted to be able to make a star block using that same technique. Janet found a way to create one without losing the star points. The pattern on the left is out of print, but the pattern on the right has a new star design, and the points match much better. 

Crazy Bear Paw quilt
This Crazy Bear Paw quilt was the cover of the first book Janet wrote, Star Crossing.

Flag Day quilt
This quilt, Flag Day, is from Janet's second quilt book, Gone Crazy.

The back of the Flag Day quilt

Log Cabin Crazies quilt
Log Cabin Crazies, also found in Janet's quilt book, Gone Crazy. It's really fast to cut out compared to the traditional method. 

Barn Raising quilt
Barn Raising quilt from the book, Gone Crazy

For the Birds and Folk Art Blooms quilts
For the Birds and Folk Art Blooms quilts from the book Perennially Crazy. Folk Art Blooms is made from a line of fabrics she designed for Henry Glass Fabrics

Crazy about Hearts and Stars quilt
This quilt, Crazy about Hearts and Stars, was also made using a fabric line Janet designed. It is from the Crazy Among Friends book. 

Another Crazy about Hearts and Stars quilt

Bunny Trail quilt
The quilt Bunny Trail is from the book Stir Crazy

Pretty in Pink quilt
This quilt is called Pretty in Pink. It is made with Japanese taupe fabrics with wool flowers appliquéd on top of the crazy pieced blocks. This quilt is one of Janet's favorites. The pattern is from Janet's book Stir Crazy.

Quilt with flying Santas
This pattern with the flying Santas comes from a Christmas book Janet wrote. There is also a tree skirt pattern in the book along with other designs. 

Mayday quilt
Janet also likes doing traditionally pieced quilts. This quilt is called Mayday, from the book Phebe's Favorites. Phebe was Janet's great grandmother, who she probably got her love for quilting from. 

String of Stars quilt
The quilt String of Stars is also from the book Phebe's Favorites. This is another one of Janet's favorite quilts. She explained how it was constructed with the different star blocks being string pieced and then the blocks are put together on the diagonal. 

Circle of Love quilt
This quilt is called Circle of Love, from the book Around the Bend. Janet used the Tri-Recs ruler set to make it. 

This quilt was made by Janet's friend Sandy, who said it was all the blocks that she had rejected, so she made herself a quilt. The pattern is also found in the book Around the Bend

Crazy Jacks quilt
This quilt, Crazy Jacks from the book Frightfully Crazy was made because Janet's son was born on Halloween, so it's his favorite holiday. The candy corn border is made from a strip set of gold, orange, and cream fabrics that are stacked with the purple fabric and then cut out. 

If the Hat Fits quilt
This witch quilt with dangling legs is also from the book Frightfully Crazy. This is one of Janet's best selling patterns and a very popular quilt.  

Warm Hands Warm Hearts quilt
This quilt is called Warm Hands Warm Hearts from Janet's book Crazy Snow Days. The fabrics are from a line Janet designed called Aunt Mabel's Mittens. 

This quilt uses the star pattern from the book Crazy Snow DaysJanet loves stars, so she said most of her books have a star quilt or block in them. This quilt uses a Noah's ark panel by Leanne Anderson for Henry Glass Fabrics in the middle, and fussy cut star centers. 

Convoy quilt
This quilt is called Convoy from the book Those Crazy Kids. The fabric line is called Ron Swirl, named after her brother. On the back of the quilt, Janet put a play mat with roads and train tracks. 

Crazy Tom Turkey quilt
This quilt is called Crazy Tom Turkey. Janet said that her husband's name is Tom, and that he does have skinny turkey legs like on her turkeys in the quilt.

Janet showed this crazy quilt made using fabrics from a new line she designed that's coming out this month called Autumn Song. 

Santa Baby quilt
This quilt is called Santa Baby, from the book Positively Crazy

Weathervane quilt
This quilt, Weathervane, is also in the book Positively Crazy.

Folk Art Blooms quilt
Janet told us that sometimes she's tired of being crazy, and so she'll also do appliqué. This is her first appliqué design called Folk Art Blooms, using the Folk Art Favorites fabric line. 

Farm Fresh quilt
This quilt is called Farm Fresh and was made with Janet's Three Cheers fabric line. 

Garden Party quilt
This quilt is named Garden Party, from the Crazy for Appliqué book. The design is based on a view of her yard. 

Quilt from Crazy or Not
This quilt from the book Crazy or Not. All the quilts in the book can be made "crazy" or "not crazy." This is the crazy version of this quilt, with its crazy center block. Janet says it's a great quilt for fussy cutting for the center blocks. The star points were made using a  Tri-Recs ruler set

Seeing Red quilt
This quilt is called Seeing Red. from the book Crazy or Not. This is also one of Janet's favorite quilts. Since Janet's always on a deadline, it took three people to make it. 

Lady Liberty quilt
This quilt is Lady Liberty from the book Crazy or Not. Janet loves the binding on the quilt. 

Closeup of Lady Liberty quilt
The binding of the Lady Liberty quilt is red, white, and blue stripes. You can make it by cutting 2½-inch strips sew them together lengthwise, red-white-blue-red-white-blue, then give it a 45 degree bias cut, then cut your bias strip from that strip set. 

This is a quilt on the cover of Down this Country Road, one of Janet's One Sister books. This is made using the Hex N More rulers. She said it looks hard, but goes together easily. 

My Hometown quilt
This quilt is called My Hometown from the book Down this Country Road, It uses Warm & Natural batting, which Janet said is her favorite batting. The quilt is mainly traditional piecing with a bit of appliqué.

Autumn Splendor quilt
This is another of Janet's favorite quilts, Autumn Splendor from the book Down this Country Road, It was made using the last of the Buggy Barn fabric lines, with wool appliqué on top. 

Moose Messages quilt
This quilt is Moose Messages, from the book Crazy at the Cabin.

 This is a wool table runner from the book Crazy at the Cabin.

This is a wall hanging made from some of the blocks from the book Crazy at the Cabin.

This is Janet's owl quilt from the book Crazy at the Cabin.

Crazy Sand Dollars
This quilt is Crazy Sand Dollars from the book Crazy at the Cabin, mostly made using Japanese taupe fabrics. Janet said she also has blocks started for a different quilt using red, black, and gold and olive green centers. 

When Pigs Fly quilt
The When Pigs Fly quilt is from the book Completely Crazy. Janet said that when Buggy Barn closed, everyone kept asking her if she still was going to be crazy, and still keep doing her crazy quilts, and this quilt was her answer. 

Up on the Housetop quilt
This quilt is called Up on the Housetop from the book Completely Crazyshowing Santa and Rudolph sitting on the roof, with dangling legs. Janet said she doesn't normally needle turn wool, but she wanted the added dimension on Santa's mustache. This quilt also has a candy can border. 

This quilt uses the same Santa block, but without the dangling legs. The brick pockets in this quilt are for a countdown to Christmas. 

Bachelor Buttons quilt
This quilt is called Bachelor Buttons, from the book Completely CrazyThere is a sun quilted in the top left corner and the flowers are made of wool and fused on.

Chicks in the Garden quilt
This is the quilt Chicks in the Garden from the book Crazy Favorite Things. The book has 13 different blocks, and you can arrange them however you want to make a quilt. 

This wall hanging was made using some blocks from the Crazy Favorite Things book.

Janet received some Be Creative fabric, which inspired her to design a bee quilt. This quilt is also from the Crazy Favorite Things book.

The new Crazy Cats quilt
The original Buggy Barn Crazy Cats quilt pattern is out of print, so Janet designed a new cat block and a new flower block, and remade the quilt using the new blocks and in the same colors as the original. You can see both the old and new quilt on Janet's blog.  

Churn Dash table runner
This Churn Dash table runner is made using a Churn Dash block from the Crazy Favorite Things book. Janet says it's one of her favorite blocks in the book. The fabric is from a line called Cherry Blossoms. 

Janet also showed a quilt made using that same Churn Dash block from the Crazy Favorite Things book, for her friend Sandy when she was going through chemo treatments. It's made using Japanese taupe fabrics.  

My Back Porch quilt
This quiltMy Back Porch, is from Janet's current book Back Porch Quilts. It's supposed to be her back porch, with the porch steps and the corbel. The fabrics used are from her Better at the Lake line.  

Janet said that this quilt is a preview of coming attractions, from a book that will be ready next month. 

Thank you for sharing your quilts with us, Janet!

Show and Tell

     Quilters with the blocks they made in Janet Nesbitt's Crazy Quilt class.

Debra Thacker and her quilt Cakewalk

Debra Thacker made this quilt named Cakewalk, and made it to be a cute picnic quilt.  

Debbie Naylor and her quilt Grey Skies

Debbie Naylor made this disappearing hourglass quilt called Grey Skies.

Barbara Murdock and her quilt

Barb made a flannel quilt with eagle fabric for a brother-in-law who is not doing well, but the quilt turned out too big, so she is saving it for something else.  

Barbara Murdock and her Halloween witch wall hanging

Barb started making the Halloween witch quilt from Buggy Barn. The pattern is called If the Hat Fits. After a while she decided to make three wall hangings instead and gave the rest of the blocks and the fabric away. 

Barbara Murdock and her handmade pressing board

Barb also showed a pressing board that she made. She needed to make a couple for some quilters, and she ended up making 20 while she was at it. She sells these, and she says they're great to have by your sewing machine for a quick press.

Jill Cox and her Easter Bunny quilt

Jill Cox showed a pastel colored Easter Bunny quilt made from a Buggy Barn pattern. The quilt was made in 2012, and pieced by Jill and quilted by Kathy Carbine.

Jill Cox and her Rising Star quilt

Jill also showed her Rising Star quilt, made from another Buggy Barn pattern. The quilt was pieced by Jill and Jacque Thompson in 2011, and quilted by Kathy Carbine.

Carol Huit and her Witches quilt

Carol Huit showed her Witches quilt, made from a Buggy Barn pattern.

Carol Huit and her baskets quilt
Carol also showed her baskets quilt, also from a Buggy Barn pattern.

Cindy Haag and her Sunshine in My Soul quilt

Cindy Haag showed her quilt, Sunshine in My Soul. The pattern is Gaia, a block of the month pattern from Needle in a Hayes Stack. It was quilted by Carol Lisforth.

Wendy Shoop and her Wildlife Science quilt

Wendy Shoop showed her Wildlife Science quilt, made for a graduation gift for her son. The fabrics are green and light blue over a orange background fabric with an autumn deer print.

Genevieve Palmer and her Braided Boho Baby Blankey quilt

Genevieve Palmer showed her Braided Boho Baby Blankey. She said this quilt helped her master half square triangles.

Genevieve Palmer and her Vivian Renee baby blanket
Genevieve brought another baby blanket to show, Vivian Renee. The quilt uses English paper pieced hexagons and has a cream border.

Genevieve Palmer's Triangle Gofan baby blanket quilt
Genevieve also showed her Triangle Gofan baby blanket. It is made with English paper pieced triangles.

AnnaRae McAllister and her Sleeping Under the Stars quilt
AnnaRae McAllister showed her quilt Sleeping Under the Stars, made from the Buggy Barn pattern Star Bright. It is a scrappy quilt with red, blue, beige, and gold.

Mary Killpack and her Thanksgiving quilts
Mary Killpack showed two quilts, both made from Buggy Barn patterns. Buggy Barn Turkeys and Pumpkins in brown, gold, red, and purple, and Crazy Tom Turkey.

Dianne Carn and her Be quilt
Dianne Carn showed her Be quilt, that was made from a kit in white, cream, gold, gray, and black.

Debbie Proctor and the bags she made

Debbie Proctor's two bags
Debbie Proctor showed two bags she had made. She made up the pattern herself, based on a bag she'd bought. They're really easy bags that just have one pattern piece, with three pockets. They only take about an hour to make. 

Deonn Stott and the quilt she and Debbie Proctor made, Happy Tulips
Deonn Stott and Debbie Proctor showed Happy Tulips, a super-sized, super easy quilt they made for a Riley Blake blog tour featuring Happy Day fabrics from Riley Blake Designs.

Jo Anne Hawks and her Star Crazy quilt
Jo Anne Hawks showed her quilt Star Crazy. It was her first quilt, made back in 2003. 

Jacquelyn Tompson and her Flutterbys quilt
Jacquelyn Thompson showed a butterfly quilt she had made, called Flutterbys. She used batik fabrics from her stash to create the 30 butterflies, and then appliquéd them on to different backgrounds. There is echo quilting around each butterfly. The pattern is Butterflies by Edita Sitar's Laundry Basket Quilts.

Machela Preston and her Buggy Barn Flowers quilt
Machela Preston showed a quilt she'd made using a Buggy Barn pattern, Flowers. She was inspired to do the quilt by the fabric which Heather Muller designed.

Wanda Sump and her Farm Fresh quilt
Wanda Sump showed her Farm Fresh quilt, made from a Buggy Barn pattern. The quilt uses a lot of needle turn appliqué.

Wanda Sump and her daughter's mission quilt
Wanda also showed her daughters mission quilt featuring a Mexican star pattern in the center.

Thank you to all of you who shared your beautiful quilts! 

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