Saturday, October 4, 2014

June Meeting June 18, 2014

Utah Valley Quilt Guild 
June 18, 2014

Our special presenters for the June Meeting are Natalia Bonner and her mother Kathleen Whiting.
 Natalia in front of her Orange Slice Quilt
Kathleen showing us the Starch Applique Technique.
You spray starch the fabric 5 or 6 times, making the fabric as stiff as paper.
One of their darling patterns. "Baby's Clothes Line"
Another Child's Quilt
A variation of the Orange Slice quilt
One of my favorites!

"It's For The Birds."  This quilt won a contest.
Note the applique.
Close up of machine quilting: they like Quilter's Dream Poly Deluxe.
They use So Fine by Superior on the top and Bottom Line in bobbin.

More amazing quilts

Francine Berrett's beautiful Hawaiian Flowers, showing 9 different Hawaiian flowers. It is hand appliqued, and hand quilted in the traditional echo style.
Nancy Leach's shoes covered in fabric strips made from selvage.
Karlene Riggs's Chocolate Quilt which has all of her favorite chocolate things.
Margaret Gray's Tree of Life made from batiks and designed with EQ7.
Linda Williams made "Megan's Turning 14" with bright flower blocks with a traditional block twist.
Liz Teerlink's "X's and O's" and "Pinwheel." These quilts were made with 30's reproduction fabric for her mother's 80th Birthday Celebration Party.
Kathie Zobell's "Smidgen"  made from turquoise fabric sewn at random.
Nancy Palmer's "Snips and Snails" is a paper doll quilt.
Blyth Larrabee's Hourglass Block Exchange.  It is a fun bright hourglass set on point.
Maureen Tuttle's Time for Friends II.  This quilt was made from a hourglass block exchange in That Alpine Quilt Group.

Margaret Cooper's "Gracie Mae All Through the Year". This paper doll quilt has outfits designed by Margaret's daughter, Krystal. Margaret said, "I will hang this and enjoy changing out every month."

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