Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Forum

We were fortunate enough to have Emily Herrick teach the forum this month - her topic? "Geared For Guys" - which also happens to be the title of her new book coming out this spring!
She showed us lots of ideas and ways to make quilts for the men in our lives. She told us not to 'bypass' the collections that look girly, because often there are coordinating stripes or plaids that are perfect for more masculine quilts.
She showed us quilts from her upcoming book, as well as "oldie but goodie" quilts:
She also talked about not making a "skateboarding quilt", but using "cool colors" that are popular with skaters (for example) so your kids/grandkids won't outgrow the quilt too fast.
Thanks, Emily for all of the great ideas and inspiration! (For more great ideas - go to Emily's Blog: )

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