Monday, June 6, 2011

April Meeting -Pamela Morgan, A Little Ball of Fire

Pamela Morgan and her family hosted our April meeting.  They own a donut shop in Draper and Salt Lake called Beyond Glaze. The donuts are beautiful and so tasty!  The Morgans have a fabulous Tea Party Tradition in their home and she shared a lot of fun ideas quilts and such that they have made and used at these events. The following are pictures from her presentation:

Pamela loves vintage clothing also and shared some pieces she and her daughters have made.

She is also a master of stitchery.
And really anything that is fun and cute!

Pamela with her daughters and grandchildren.

These items were made for Pamela by her Mother in law and given to her for her wedding.

These quilts are creations of Pamela and her daughters.

Thank you, Pamela for sharing such fun and inspiring ideas, quilts and sewing!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL and amazing collection of quilts, stitchery and vintage clothing. They took my breath away. I only wish I had been there to see them in person. Pam, you and your family are an inspiration. I am so grateful you shared your wonderful talents and that Kimberly so generously shared them on this blog.