Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Forum- Kathy Porter

 Kathy Porter taught a hands on class on beading and embellishing for January's forum.  As usual, the pictures do not do justice to these beautiful quilts.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image.  Kathy taught us several beading techniques and had a kit with beads and a a quilt sandwich for everyone to try their hand at beading.  She did and amazing job!  The above quilt is embellished with Swarovski crystals.
 This quilt has a lot of embellishment on the borders.  Why didn't I take more close ups? 

 Amazing bead work on purses and such.
 Samples of embellishments.

 These are artistic trading cards.

 The sample kits.
 Just an FYI that Forums are now free for members of the Utah Valley Quilt Guild.  This year a free needle will be distributed (while supplies last) at each forum as we discover "The Art of the Needle."

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