Monday, September 27, 2010

September Show and Tell

Here are the beautiful quilts that were shown in September meeting for Show and Tell.  Sorry about the poor quality on some of the pictures.  The quilts are lovely.  Really, even a great photo never does a quilt justice.

 "Aunt Iris"  by Lynette Rose - This amazing quilt was made with sheets and Lynette's mom hand-satin-stitched the flowers down! Lynette had found some quilt tops of her mother's in a box and they are becoming treasured family heirlooms!

 "Merry-Go-Round" by Melissa Clark - Melissa made 3 quilts to show us - they are made with jelly-rolls in a hexagon design.  They are all gorgeous! In one of them, she cut down some of the jelly roll strips to give it some variation and have less waste - great idea - they are all beautiful. (Quilted by Ramona at the Corn Wagon)

 "My Irish Grandmother" by Dolores Despain - This wonderful quilt is made with 30's fabrics in a combination of Irish Chain and Grandmother's choice blocks.  Quilted by her daughter, Kirsten Despain Silver.  Stunning!
 "Black and White Puzzle" by Lynette Larsen - Another gorgeous quilt in black and beige. It is a beautifully intricate looking quilt - wow!

 "Utah, we love thee" by Lynette Larsen - Lynette got this quilt pattern from a 2005 Shop Hop Kit - it is beautiful in greens, beige and blues with Pine trees, a beehive and more things about Utah.
 "Christmas Placemats" by Sarah Weaver - Sarah made some darling placements, using up her stash - candy canes, trees, mittens, starts, bells & holly.  She also made a great table runner in blues, browns and greens.  Her Pumpkin Wall hanging with a piano key border is so cute too!  She framed a Thanksgiving Stitchery with rust fabric from her stash.  She was able to try out lots of her machine's fancy stitches on these projects.  Great job, Sarah!

 "Bargello Surprise" by Linda Roskelly - Linda has something for Show and Tell each month and she didn't let us down!  She started this Bargello 5 years ago and lost interest.  Picked it back up for the challenge.  Used up lots of color - the vivid colors show up beautifully with the black fabric she used.  She said she called it "Bargello Surprise" because she was surprised it turned out - ha ha - way to go!

 "Mini I Spy" by Nancy Leach - After making all of her I Spy quilts, she couldn't bear to throw away the cute scraps, so she made this  mini quilt for her grandchildren to enjoy. (And yes, Nancy is the one who hauled a SUITCASE up on the stage, she had so many quilts!) Great Job!
 "I Spy Stripes" by Nancy Leach - Nancy said she didn't read the directions when she started this fun quilt - so she had to put the blocks together the best she could.  It's still darling!
 "I Spy Hex" by Nancy Leach - This neat quilt is made with I spy fabrics (novelty fabrics) that she cut into hexagons, until she found a pattern where she only had to cut squares.
 "I Spy Ties" by Nancy Leach - This little jewel of a quilt is made with silk tie centers.  She went to D.I. and for $15 she got a carload of ties! Great job!
 "Redwork" by Nancy Leach - This fabulous redwork quilt was done be Nancy's Great-Grandpa and his sisters in 1896! She put on the backing and quilted it - gorgeous!
 "Christmas Scraps" by Delma Baldridge - A UFO of about 3 or 4 years.  She used lots of Christmas fabrics and made LOTS of little flying geese - she says they took forever - it was worth it, it's a wonderful quilt!
 "Wedding Quilt Number 3" by Marie Haws - Marie is making a queen-sized quilt for each of her grandchildren when they get married - lucky ducks! This stunning quilt in purples, tans and greens was quilted using her embroidery module - wow!
 "Francine's Album Part 1" by Cheryl Pfeifer - This darling quilt is Cheryl's first hand appliqued quilt! She did a great job! It's from a class that Francine Berrett taught this year.

 "Stepping Down to 30's" by Jill Cox - Jill made this darling 30's quilt (Lap sized) for a display at The Stitching Corner, where she works. Great job, Jill.
 "Seminole Row Quilt" by Jill Cox - This gorgeous quilt is made with bright colors and black sashing - which really makes the colors pop! Indian Feather Design.
 "Miniature Oak Quilt Stand" by Jill Cox - Okay, really by her brother, Jay Gammon.  These darling little stands are available at The Stitching Corner or from Jill.

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