Monday, January 18, 2010

Utah Quilt Guild News

Here are some notes from the UQG Board Meeting from Kathy Porter:

--All the UQG library carts full of books were collected so they could be inventoried. They will be given back to the area reps in February, where they will be available to area chapters.

--The new website, should be up and running soon.

--The Beeline will be sent out by snail mail one more month, then will go by email. There are 955 UQG members and only 145 do not have email. The Beeline will still be mailed to those members.

--The Beeline this year will include an article called “Getting to Know You” which will spotlight Utah quilters. Stay tuned.

--We want to encourage UQG members to submit articles, letters to the editor etc, to be published in the Beeline.

--The “Home and Garden Show” will be held March 11-14 at the expo Center in Sandy. We need volunteers to help with the Quilt Show there. The Quilt Show will be set up at 9am the day before. Volunteers are needed for set up, sitting at tables, and take down. You can get into the Home and Garden Show for free if you volunteer. We also need quilts. It is a viewers choice only show. There will be monetary prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Give your quilts to your area rep, or have them at the show at 9am the day before.

--Letters are going out to Quilt Fest teachers this month to invite them to prepare a class for Quilt Fest in Oct.

--When the Bee’s want their prize money, fill out the form and give it to their area rep at least 2 months early. Get form from their area rep.

-- Quilt for the Cure fabric is available from your area rep for $5.00.

--A list of resource instructors is available from Dorothy Gross, or your area reps.

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