Monday, December 28, 2009

November Meeting

November meeting was a trunk show of sorts.
Each member of the current board brought a quilt to show.
Our President, Ella Simmons, presenting a quilt from the UVQG to the Eldred Center.
Ella thanking the Custodians that set up for us every month.

Brenda Sommers

Bonnie Miles

Megan Legas

Roberta Boyce

Laurel Christensen (those are yo-yo's)

Crystal North

Kim Borup and Mary Jo Roberts (This is Francine's quilts, I think)

Kim Borup (Francine's quilt again, I think)

Francine Berrett

Helen Butler

Heather Ash

Cheryl Pfeifer

Karlene Riggs

Annette Crain

Jessica Ribble

Kim Dodds

Sharon Wright

Blyth Larrabee

Margaret Cooper

Dee DeHart

Kimberly Lohner

Ella Simmons

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