Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Meeting- Jillily Studio Needle Arts

Jill Finley was our quest speaker for our May Meeting.  You can learn more about her here. She is the owner of Jillily Studio Needle Arts.  She designs quilts and fabric and has a line of notions too.  She created Appli-glue, a product that is acid free and very helpful for those who love to applique.  You can learn more about Appli-glue here.

Lauren introducing our wonderful speaker.
These are some of Jill's patterns that she has created.  
Some have been featured in quilting magazines.

The latest fabrics designed by Jill for Henry Glass & Co. You can read more about it here.
Jill was most excited to share items from her annual family quilt retreat that started 10 years ago.  According to Jill, "No matter where we live, we get together every April for one mad weekend of quilting, chocolate, and very little sleep."  All women in the family 18 years old and older are invited. Jill's presentation was very touching and it was clear that quilting is much more than a hobby for her.  It brings her family together in meaningful ways.  
Jill's  niece, April Price wrote:
"Yes we are women who quilt! And our daughters will be women who quilt.   My husband always says, "I don't know why you cut all that fabric apart to sew it all back together again."  Well, to make something beautiful.  And really that is how motherhood is: building something one little piece at a time--laying the foundation of a great work.  My life is just scraps--nothing of worth to anyone outside of it looking in-- and yet, through my careful work, it may turn into something beautiful.  And all of these women in my life will have contributed to it--- just like my quilts."

Thanks, Jill for sharing your talents and ideas.  What a touching and inspiring meeting!

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