Friday, January 23, 2009

Service Day Flannel Receiving Blankets

As you should have heard, this year for service day, one project is receiving blankets. Several have expressed a desire to begin working on these right away. Thanks!

Here are two patterns for receiving blankets from Annette Crain:

Try clicking on the picture for a larger picture and printing that. If that doesn't work, we will figure out something else.

Thanks again!

I couldn't get those to work. However, I did get the files to work from the website. So here is the link to the website: These are PDF files of the website so you do need Adobe Acrobat (a free program) to see theses. Also, they do open in a new window so if your "Pop-up Blocker" is on, that may be a problem, but it wasn't a problem on my computer. If you can't get either one to work, then let me know.

Thanks! Konda

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  1. Just a note: Pattern #1 (basic receiving blanket) is a 3 page document.
    It can be printed out from the website referenced by Konda.
    It is a good idea to stitch a diagonal "X" through all the layers to secure or perhaps draw a 12" square and sew all around the center.
    Sometimes I do this with a decorative stitch.